Orange Tree Academy

Our academy focuses primarily on promoting and deepening the understanding of

basic, natural, human psychological skills — our so-called Natural Skills.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agenda for 2021 is being reviewed.

Natural Skills

Nature is not chaotic. There are natural laws that apply to the physical world and there are natural laws that apply to the psychological world. The psychological world is just as much a natural world as is the physical world. Yet, we are not as familiar with this natural, psychological functioning as we are with the functioning of the natural, physical world. That is just a matter of understanding and training.

We all have the same basic, natural, psychological functions. These functions are our so-called Natural Skills. These skills function for all of us in exactly the same way, same as the law of gravity functions in an equal manner for all.

We can all learn to use these skills consciously for our own well-being and the well-being of others.

Interested in what natural skills are and why it is a great idea to teach these skills in all schools?

We will soon have an introductory page on this website with more details including a preview of the upcoming book Natural Skills-Nature has your Back.

"Perception is reality.

The way we perceive determines

how we experience our life.

Yet, we give so much attention to our life,

and we pay so little attention to our perception."