Many years ago, Krishnamurti told a friend,

“If I had nowhere to go in the world, I would come to Ojai.

I would sit under an orange tree; it would shade me from the sun,

and I could live on the fruit.”

Welcome to The Orange Tree Foundation

The Orange Tree Foundation is dedicated to the recognition and understanding of human potential as a key natural, human skill. The foundation has an overall interest in societal matters, and educational matters in particular.

Its educational program is arranged by the Orange Tree Academy, which organizes various workshops and seminars all year round.

Popular topics are:

  • Natural (human) skills

  • Human (subjective) responsibility

  • Psychology of our human nature

  • Secular aspects of Buddhist psychology

"The mind has unlimited potential;

use it well, to make yourself

and others happy."

— Venerable Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

Our founder

The Orange Tree Foundation was established in 2014 in The Netherlands by Janine Schimmelpenninck .

As an author and trainer Janine dedicates her time to teach and promote understanding of basic, natural, human psychology.

Janine Schimmelpenninck