Orange Tree Academy


Our academy focuses primarily on promoting and deepening the understanding of

basic, natural, human psychological skills — our so-called Natural Skills.


Natural Skills

We are all natural creatures. Nature is our greatest common denominator. Nature functions everywhere, and that applies to our biology but also to our psychology. When we hear the word nature, we initially think of ecological nature, but nature extends beyond physical nature.

Psychology, like physical nature, is a natural phenomenon. Nature is therefore also the most important common denominator within psychology. Your mind functions naturally just like your body. That is, some things are effective psychologically, and some things are not. That has to do with how psychology operates by nature. This functioning is not chaotic, and—just like the physical world—it is subject to natural laws.

These psychological natural laws are the natural functions of our mind—our natural skills. We can all learn to use these skills consciously for our own well-being and the well-being of others.

Interested in what natural skills are and why it is a great idea to teach these skills in all schools?

We will soon have an introductory page on this website with more details including a preview of the upcoming book Natural Skills.